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Mini Eggnog Cannoli

Mini Eggnog Cannoli

Because Santa is tired of “nibbling” your break-n-bake monstrosities.



Matcha cream cannoli in a honeyed wonton shell



Recipe soon, pictures for now!

For Nana

Hi all–

As some of you know, the original cannoli maker, my Nana, passed away on the first day of fall. It has been tough the past few weeks here but we are slowly getting back into the routine of things. I plan to continue this blog to honor her. I will have a new post by the end of the week. Until then, here is a tribute and a preview.

Nana is showing off the first 70+ shells she taught me to make. Grease burns were numerous but well-earned.

As for the preview–while I have a feeling that Nana wouldn’t be too enthused about how non-traditional it is, it is absolutely something she inspired me to create:

Lightly matcha'ed cannoli cream with orange zest in a honeyed wanton shell.

Thanks for following. I’ll get back to posting regularly soon.

Nana’s Cannoli ^10

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Blue Moon Cannoli

Blue Moon cannoli and Curacao (from Curacao!)

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Coming soon!